Provide Your Child With Materials To Make Sock And Paper Bag Puppets

If your child enjoys playing outdoors each day and you are looking for a fun and creative way for your child to express themselves on days when it is raining, and they are stuck inside, provide them with materials to make sock and paper bag puppets. The activity will keep your child busy, and when they are finished, they can perform a puppet show for you.

Acquire Materials To Make The Puppets

Purchase craft and fabric paint, paintbrushes, buttons, all-purpose glue, pipe cleaners, yarn, and scissors from your local hardware store. Locate some old socks and a few paper bags that your child can use as the puppets bodies.

Set up a workstation in your dining nook or kitchen. Plastic sheeting can be draped over a table or counter, so that paint or glue does not come in contact with the workstation's surface. One of your button down shirts that you no longer wear can be used as a smock. Place a couple of cups of water on the table so that your child can rinse paint from their paintbrushes when they have finished using them. 

Provide Your Child With Inspiration And Encouragement

Gather up some picture books so that your child can look through them prior to making their puppets. The books may inspire your child to create specific characters or animals. Lead your child to the workstation and ask them to sit down. Show your child all of the craft materials and explain the project that you would like them to work on.

Tell your youngster that you would like them to create each of their puppets however they would like. Keep in mind that your child may need some assistance with cutting pieces of yarn, using glue to secure items to the socks and bags, and applying craft and fabric paint to each puppet.

You could create a couple of puppets yourself so that your child can observe your creations and so that you are readily available to help your loved one if they ask for assistance. 

Make A Display Area

After your child has finished creating their puppets, leave the masterpieces on the table or counter so that the paint and glue can dry. During this time, make a display area that can be used to perform a  puppet show. A box can be used as the stage, and a colorful piece of fabric can be draped over it. Set the display on a coffee table. After the puppets have dried, ask your child if they would like to use the puppets to perform a show for you.

Contact a company like Koontz Hardware for more information and assistance. 

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