Bring Some Holiday Cheer With Homemade Embroidered Ornaments

If you find pleasure in completing embroidery projects, one way to utilize your sewing capabilities is by planning ahead for this upcoming holiday season and making embroidered holiday ornaments that can be hung from your Christmas tree or the trees of loved ones. Purchase several kits that each include patterns, floss, and frames before getting started on the embroidery project.

Shop For Kits

Snowflakes, snowmen, angels, gifts, and candy canes are often used to symbolize the holidays. When shopping for the embroidery kits, determine how many sets of ornaments that you would like to make. If you have several people in mind that you would like to give holiday ornaments to, choose kits that contain basic patterns that will not be hard to follow. 

If you are only going to be making one or two sets of ornaments and have a lot of time to invest in the embroidery project, purchase kits that contain more detailed patterns if you would like to challenge yourself and make ornaments that are complex. Purchase accessories for the ornaments, including green or red ribbon, scissors, a permanent marker, gift boxes, tape, and wrapping paper. 

Take Your Time With Each Ornament

If you chose to make several sets of ornaments and don't want to feel rushed as the holidays approach, decide how much time you can spend working on the projects and make sure that you are focused solely on the embroidery projects during each sewing session. Playing some soft holiday music in the background may help you get into the Christmas spirit and relax you as you are tackling each set of ornaments.

Complete an entire set of ornaments and use them as guides as you make the remaining ornaments. Secure an ornament hook or a piece of ribbon to the top of each ornament. You and the recipients of the ornaments can either hang or tie the ornaments to the branches of a Christmas tree. 

Box And Wrap The Ornaments

If some of the recipients of the homemade ornaments live out of state, prepare their gifts and mail them a couple of weeks before Christmas so that they will be able to hang the ornaments and enjoy them prior to and during the holidays.

Wrap the ornaments in tissue paper and place the ornaments in small boxes. After wrapping the boxes with paper, use a permanent marker to write the return address and recipient's address on the top of each package. For more information on Christmas embroidery ideas, contact your local retailer. 

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If you find pleasure in completing embroidery projects, one way to utilize your sewing capabilities is by planning ahead for this upcoming holiday sea